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Corporate responsibility


CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, refers to the activities of businesses which aim to contribute to dealing with environmental and social issues. More specifically, companies, like ourselves, are entities which are intertwined with the society in which we are active, affecting, and also affected, by the demands of the times and our activity’s location. Therefore we are obliged to recognize the degree of responsibility that we have, both to society and the environment.

For SKAG, the term Social Responsibility is closely linked to the ethics of healthy business operations, which applies to a sensitivity to Society, Employees and the Environment.

Responsibility to Society

Producing safe products – using raw materials from reliable suppliers, which guarantee the safe use of products under the SKAG BRAND.( Paper produced by companies with FSC certification, paper bleached without chlorine, PVC without cadmium, PP polypropylene, non toxic inks)

Helping the local society and society in general – by supplying necessary equipment to schools, Universities, Institutions, Hospitals (because of COVID) volunteer groups, organizations connected to children and their protection. We also help volunteer firefighters, volunteers for tree planting, volunteers on special missions, etc.

Offering SKAG products to underprivileged groups – like SMILE OF A CHILD, THE ARK OF THE WORLD, SOS VILLAGES, HATZHKYRIAKEIO and a range of charity convenience markets in all parts of Greece, but always aimed at protecting underprivileged children.

Offering SKAG products to student organizations – AIESEC, BEST, EUROAVIA, TEDx, EESTEC, ELSA ORG et al.

Responsibility to our employees

Respect for the people – human dignity, and equal opportunities, their health and safety at work (including private insurance) regular safety drills (for earthquakes or fire) , We are interested in improving the standards of living and quality of life for all of us.

Taking part in voluntary activities – Greece Race for the Cure

EMFASIS Foundation

SKAG Blood Bank – a voluntary effort of the employees which started back in 1997 when the blood collecting service of one of our biggest hospitals, Evangelismos, contacted us, and continues till today. This blood bank supplies our employees and their 1st and 2nd degree relatives with blood when needed. The rest goes into the health system in Greece through the hospital.

Responsibility to the Environment

A network of laws and rules were created through the EU for the protection of the environment called “The Green Deal”

Nowadays, the individual businesses and companies take the initiative to establish actions focusing on the protection of the environment.

Here at SKAG we fully manage our waste (99%) from raw materials and our production process – like paper board, plastics. The remaining waste which cannot be managed through recycling – dangerous or otherwise – are given to specific licensed organizations – POLYECO, SYTOP, RE-BATTERY etc.

Our next target is to reduce our environmental footprint by taking the initiative in reducing our energy consumption, and by using new methodology and techniques all designed to protect the environment.

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