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About Us

A warm welcome to SKAG – TH.C.SKAGIAS SA, the biggest producer of school and office stationery from paper and board in Greece.

From 1956 onwards, our company has been very dynamic in the Greek market, thanks to the talented people, the SKAG logo, the unique company culture, high technological knowhow and long history.

Main Categories

  • SKAG LEARN – School products
  • SKAG PLAN – Filing
  • SKAG CREATE – Creativity
  • SKAG PLAY – Toys.

With a history of over 67 years in the Greek Market SKAG continues to have a dynamic presence which also supports the Greek economy and also Greek Society.

Caring for our people.

An intrinsic part of SKAG’s business success is without a doubt it’s people – our internal public. A very important part of our philosophy is to offer an environment of trust and appreciation, in which they can develop and grow.

Our company culture is defined by values like trust, support and caring. This is felt by anyone who has worked even for a short time here at SKAG.

We create, develop and grow all together along with the company and this makes us all want to contribute to the growth of the company. We are all innovators in our own individual ways, as innovation is not related only to technology, but also to the way we improve and develop everything around us.

So, we here at SKAG help our people with educational programmes wherever needed and also financially contribute to continuous learning, like graduate and post graduate courses. We believe in our people and in growing their individual talents and we promote from within to positions of importance, wherever possible.

In the same way as we take care of our people, so we care for society.

In the same way as we take care of our people, so we care for society and our country. We have a very dynamic Corporate Social Responsibility programme (CSR) and we contribute to organizations and to groups of vulnerable people, with an emphasis on children and education in general.


We have a vision: to give strokes of inspiration to people’s everyday life so that their trip to knowledge is more exciting and contributes to their personal and professional development.

Through ideas and products which inspire and promote organization and productivity, at work during the creative process and the acquisition of knowledge at every stage of our lives. We want to create products which encourage people to express themselves creatively through education and play, as in this way they can convert their ideas into tangible experiences and change their lives for the better, making their dreams come true.

We here at SKAG believe that our lives deserve to be filled with strokes of inspiration where inspiration meets creativity, for a fuller life. The only way forward to a more creative, humane and fair world.


Our customers are the foundation on which we base every activity that we do.

Our aim, throughout the years, was and is, to offer services and products that are of a high quality with integrity. From our point of view all customers are unique and we respect their needs and demands.

The basic foundation of our philosophy is to help our customer to succeed both on a personal level as well as in their business, by creating useful, well made products that will last and will be able to support their various needs.

We are truly interested in their development and their aims and we try to create relationships of mutual respect and appreciation. In this way, over the years, our customers become valuable partners.

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